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Im Zusam­men­hang der Lek­tü­re des uto­pi­schen Romans Bra­ve New World (deut­scher Titel [[Schö­ne Neue Welt]]) haben die Schü­le­rin­nen und Schü­ler des Eng­lisch­kur­ses auf erhöh­tem Niveau (BEH) eine Ver­fas­sung aus­ge­ar­bei­tet, die beschreibt, wie das Leben im Jah­re 2500 aus­se­hen könn­te. Die Anspie­lun­gen auf die Ver­fas­sung der USA waren dabei durch­aus beabsichtigt.

Con­sti­tu­ti­on of the Bra­ve New World State


We the Alpha Plus, the Con­trol­lers of the World, in order to form a per­fect and sta­ble socie­ty deci­de to crea­te iden­ti­cal peo­p­le who are below us and who can­not end­an­ger our power and our status. 

To defend our sta­ble socie­ty, we pro­du­ce only as many per­fect indi­vi­du­als as we need to keep the eco­no­my running. 


[Bill of Rights]

§ 1 Ever­yo­ne belongs to everyone. 

§ 2 All men are crea­ted equal within their caste.

§ 3 Ever­yo­ne has to be hap­py at all times and is sup­po­sed to do ever­y­thing that  is nee­ded in order to gain happiness. 

§ 4 Alphas, Betas, Gam­mas, Del­tas and Epsi­lons are not allo­wed to have rela­ti­onships with mem­bers of ano­ther caste.

 § 5 Having a part­ner for over 4 months is unneces­sa­ry and against the law.

 § 6 Every cas­te is important for the com­mu­ni­ty. Every cas­te ful­fills a cer­tain role and ear­ns every respect for doing it.

 § 7 No one has to feel asha­med about their body becau­se all men are bio­lo­gi­cal­ly crea­ted equal.

 § 8 Our good and hono­u­red con­trol­lers have the right to make decis­i­ons for us, becau­se they only do what is best for us and they reign under FORD.



Our sys­tem shall gua­ran­tee peace for every sin­gle Boka­novs­ky Group around the world, and gui­de them to a hap­py and joyful life. This govern­ment con­sists of ten World Con­trol­lers, each of them ser­ving in a dif­fe­rent sec­tion of the world. The­se World Con­trol­lers main­tain peace and pro­spe­ri­ty in the world by gover­ning a uni­fied socie­ty that has no desi­re to fight others. This is the only way to secu­re the sta­bi­li­ty of our sys­tem and to exe­cu­te the will of Our Ford.


[Cas­te System]

The World State’s sta­bi­li­ty is main­tai­ned by divi­ding our socie­ty into five dif­fe­rent social groups hence­forth to be cal­led castes.

Our cas­te sys­tem includes five major cas­tes named after Greek let­ters (Alpha to Epsi­lon). The Alphas are powerful­ly built, deep ches­ted, broad should­e­red, mas­si­ve, quick in move­ments, sprin­gy agi­le and have beau­tiful­ly shaped heads. The Betas are quite well built but ever­y­thing is a bit less deve­lo­ped com­pared to Alphas. The Gam­mas are rela­tively short, nar­row-should­e­red, and, in com­pa­ri­son to Alphas and Betas, gang­ling. The Del­tas are rela­tively short, often semi-han­di­cap­ped peo­p­le. The Epsi­lons are most­ly black and mon­key-like crea­tures that are often handicapped.

Alpha child­ren are real­ly cle­ver whe­re­as Gam­mas are men­tal­ly chal­len­ged. Epsi­lons are at the bot­tom of socie­ty. The choice what posi­ti­on and job each and ever­yo­ne can fill within socie­ty is predetermined.

The Alphas are pri­vi­le­ged to get hig­her and more chal­len­ging posi­ti­ons (f.e. jour­na­lists, film pro­du­cers, etc). The Betas still have an important posi­ti­on (f.e. in the “Hat­chery and Con­di­tio­ning Cent­re”). The Gam­mas do basic work f.e. as house­kee­pers, workers and por­ters. The Del­tas are pre­de­ter­mi­ned to do for exam­p­le fac­to­ry work. The Epsi­lons do the easie­st work possible.


[Clo­ning and Conditioning]

Clo­ning and con­di­tio­ning ser­ve to main­tain sta­bi­li­ty all over the world. Clo­ning is only allo­wed to be car­ri­ed out by our best sci­en­tists; other­wi­se it could end­an­ger our society.

Becau­se of con­di­tio­ning, our workers are always con­fi­dent with their employ­ment and hap­py with their lives. Moreo­ver, the con­scious­ness and men­tal acti­vi­ty of the clo­ned peo­p­le are regu­la­ted by a method we call hypnopedia.


[Legal Sta­tus of the Constitution]

All debts con­trac­ted and enga­ge­ments ente­red into, befo­re the adop­ti­on of this Con­sti­tu­ti­on, shall be as valid against the World Sta­te under this Con­sti­tu­ti­on, as under the Confederation. 

This Con­sti­tu­ti­on, and the laws of the World Sta­te which shall be made in pur­su­an­ce the­reof; and all trea­ties made, or which shall be made, under the aut­ho­ri­ty of the World Sta­te, shall be the supre­me law of the land; and the jud­ges in every sta­te shall be bound ther­eby, any­thing in the Con­sti­tu­ti­on or laws of any Sta­te to the con­tra­ry notwithstanding. 

The World Con­trol­lers befo­re men­tio­ned, and the mem­bers of the seve­ral sta­te legis­la­tures, and all exe­cu­ti­ve and judi­cial offi­cers, both of the World Sta­te and of the seve­ral sta­tes, shall be bound by oath or affir­ma­ti­on, to sup­port this Con­sti­tu­ti­on; but no reli­gious test shall ever be requi­red as a qua­li­fi­ca­ti­on to any office or public trust under the World State. 



Musta­fa Mond, World Con­trol­ler of Wes­tern Europe

Ivan Pestro­vich, World Con­trol­ler of Eas­tern Europe

Mayoha­na Kupa­na, World Con­trol­ler of Cen­tral Asia

Lee Zing Chu, World Con­trol­ler of East Asia

Ach­med Ben-Hassan, World Con­trol­ler of North Africa

Nubon­go Cha­wan­ga, World Con­trol­ler of Sub-Saha­ran Africa

Tom West­ham, World Con­trol­ler of North America

Hum­ber­to Gomez, World Con­trol­ler of Cen­tral America

Ser­gio Rami­rez, World Con­trol­ler of South America

Cin­dy War­tec, World Con­trol­ler of Oceania

Dar­win Bona­par­te, CEO of the Enter­tain­ment Industry

Micha­el O’Feel­good , CEO of the Soma Drug Industry